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David Broza

David Broza

David Broza

David Broza

David Broza


TODO O NADA / 2002




Stone Doors / 1995


David Broza

David Broza


David Broza
David Broza
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David Broza

For more than a decade, singer/songwriter David Broza has been steadily gaining reputation throughout the world. A superstar in his homeland of Israel, he is a modern troubadour of urban folk-rock. With 19 albums to his name, many of which became gold, platinum, and multi-platinum, his popularity achieved new heights with the enormous success of his quadruple platinum album “The Woman By My Side”.

Critics, moved by Broza’s flamenco-tinged, folk-rock melodies, his keen talent for breathing musical life into sensual snippets of poetry, and his dark and sultry good looks, have been quick to label him as “a post-modern Leonard Cohen,” the “Stevie Ray Vaughn” of folk rock, and even “the Mel Gibson of Rock n’ roll.”

But while honored by the comparisons, Broza forges his own road through the music scene all over the world. His American debut album, "“Away From Home"” was praised by the New York Times as one of the best pop albums of the year. ”Time of Trains”, his second American release, gained him recognition as one of the most important artists on the music scene all over the world. Broza has made a mission of studying the work of American writers for the past several years, haunting libraries and bookstores, "“always reading with a melody in my head.”

The worldliness in Broza’s songs sets them apart from many others in the genre, and sophisticated listeners will also recognize a diversity of cultural influences in his music. The son of an Israeli/British businessman and a folk singer, he was born in Haifa, Israel (where his grandfather founded an Arab-Israeli settlement), and was raised and educated in England and Spain. Broza originally planned to become a graphic artist, and by age 17, was selling his paintings in the Rastro, Madrid’s famous Sunday flea market. However, after high school graduation, he was drafted into a three-year term in the Israeli military. Stationed away from family and friends, he began playing guitar in cafes to earn extra money, and was eventually offered a record deal. Since he still hoped to attend the Rhode Island School of Design, he declined. He later recorded a tape to promote his live shows. “Somehow, one of the songs became a #1 hit in Israel,” he explains. At age 21, he was a star, and by age 27 he was being mobbed by fans in the street as his recordings went triple platinum.

At the height of all that popularity, Broza has started forming yet another base for himself in the United States, building a strong legion of fans, and maintaining a hectic touring schedule. Now an artist-in-residence at Bennington College in Vermont, he’s also gained a wealth of respect in American literary circles and often guest lectures in college writing classes.

An activist, who is committed to several humanitarian causes, Broza was appointed a goodwill ambassador for the UNICEF. His song “Together” (co-written with Ramsey Mclean) was the theme song for the UNICEF 50th anniversary celebration in more than 148 countries.

Meanwhile, the singer/songwriter continues to record albums in Hebrew for his Israeli fans, and travels frequently all over the world. A 1994 and 1999 live concerts recorded at the top of Massada resulted in platinum albums. His latest Spanish language release, “Isla Mujeres” was released this year in Spain, and is gaining superstar recognition in Spain.

David creates a unique style of multi-cultural musical blend, sung in poetic rhythms of three languages. Broza is a captivating, compelling performer who masters his guitar into submission. He is the creator of a classical suite, which has been performed with various orchestras all over the world. His latest concert tours include Belgium, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil and the United States.

Most of all, Broza remains buoyed by the self-fulfillment of living his dream. “I’m just happy to be a singer/songwriter and to be making a living from it, “ he notes. “You have to be in it for the fun or you might as well sell shoes.”

David’s new collection CD, “Painter Postcard” was released on Rounder Records. His new Hebrew recording“All or Nothing” was released this year and went gold witin one week, as well as its Spanish version, "Todo o Nada".

David Broza’s sound and stage presence goes beyond any fashion. To hear David Broza’s music is to be moved. To see Broza in concert is to be mesmerized.

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2002 TODO O NADA (Spanish Version of 'All or Nothing')
2002 ALL OR NOTHING (Hebrew)
2002 PAINTED POSTCARD (English & Hebrew)
2001 SPANISH HEART (English)
2000 ISLA MUJERES (The Women's Island), DRO East West/Warner Records Spain (Spanish)
1999 MATCHIL LINSHOM (Starting to Breathe), Hed Artzi/RGB Records Gold (Hebrew)
1995 SODOT GDOLIM (Big Secrets), RGB Records (Hebrew)
1994 STONEDOORS, RGB Records (English)
1994 SECOND STREET, RGB Records (English)
1994 ELEMENTS OF LOVE, RGB Records (Hebrew)
1994 MASADA LIVE, RGB Records Platinum (Hebrew)
1993 TIME OF TRAINS, RGB Records (English)
1992 NESHIKA GNUVA,(Stolen Kiss), NMC Music (Hebrew)
1990 FIRST COLLECTION, NMC Music (Hebrew)
1989 AWAY FROM HOME, RGB Records (English)
1987 A POET IN NEW YORK, SONY (English)
1984 BROZA, NMC Music (Hebrew)
1983 HAISHA SHEITI (The Woman By My Side), NMC Music Quadruple Platinum (Hebrew)
1981 Klaf (ACE), NMC Music (Hebrew)
1979 DAVID BROZA, NMC Music (Hebrew)
1978 HAKEVES HA SHISHA ASAR, (The Sixteen Sheep), NMC Music (Hebrew)
1977 SIKHOT SALON ,(Small Talk), Phohokol (Hebrew) )


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In giving pop musical form to written poetry, Mr. Broza.has avoided the pitfalls of creating songs that sounded either too singsong or verbose. The poetry, most of which has a narrative flow like a short story, blends comfortably with Mr. Broza's dramatic folk pop tunes.the richness of his language, the imagery and the overall meaning stand uncompromised
[The New York Times]

David Broza.strong, slashing acoustic guitar playing makes him the Stevie Ray Vaughn of folk.
[San Antonio Express News]

David Broza has a rare gift for writing haunting and compelling songs.stunning.
[Interview Magazine]

To hear David Broza's music is to be moved. To see Broza in concert is to be mesmerized.
[New York Post]


David Broza's Official web site: www.davidbroza.net



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